Upper Moutere is a small village outside Nelson. It’s home to a bunch of very creative and productive people. We make glorious wine, traditional cider, olive oil and sheeps cheese. We grow gourmet mushrooms and strawberries. We make conserves from local fruit and berries. We are talented ceramic artists, multimedia sculptors and wood workers and our local, the Moutere Inn pours artisan beers. We are the Moutere Artisans and we invite you to explore our special village this Labour Weekend. Come and stay in our unique guest houses and soak up some good country sunshine. Let us nourish your soul. It will do you the world of good. LABOUR WEEKEND SUNDAY 10am-5pm
February 27th. Ring and book your tickets. This will be a night of memorable music and great wine . Join us on the lawn at Neudorf and kick back to Supergroove, Dave Dobbn, Don McGlashan and Anika Moa.  Early bird tickets are now available. Phone 5432643