Some wines are noble. Aristocratic. The sort of wines the owner may be reluctant to share with everyone.NROS15-livery

Not so this Neudorf Pinot Rosé 2016.

It is joyful, carefree but still elegant. A wine you will want to share in the sunshine with crab, aioli, and a platter of pink proscuttio. A wine to celebrate life, summer and friends.

Pale rose petal colour with an enticing textural entry.
The grapes were dry farmed from the organically managed lower slopes of Tom’s Block, with five percent saignée juice from other Pinot cuvees. Bunches were gently pressed on a Champagne cycle within an hour of being picked – so had very little skin contact. (Saignée is free run juice without skin contact). Do not be fooled by the immediate richness up front; the wine has intriguing depth with excellent acid balance and a delicious whoosh of minerality carrying through to a satisfying finish.

On a more capricious note, Neudorf Pinot Rosé is the charmer in the stable. Effortless in the winery, adored by so many people (vintage 2015 sold out mid -January) its unashamed flirtatiousness has wormed its way into our hearts.

“Smooth-textured Rose with gentle strawberry and raspberry flavours. The wine has an initial suggestion of sweetness that is quickly balanced by fine tannins. A charming wine with a sting in its tail.”— Bob Campbell MW (for the 2014 vintage