bottleMR12-smallnew“Intense and finely poised, citrusy and minerally, with marmalade and honey notes, and lovely interplay of sweetness and acidity. Rich and youthful, it is a tightly structured wine, but already very approachable. 5 stars” Michael Cooper

Delicate, with a core in intense fruit and superb length.

Hints of lily of valley, lemons, orange blossom and Bosc pears and apples. An enticing wine which winds itself across the palate delivering maximum mouth feel and finishing with a refreshing lick of acidity.

Balance is the key to this wine’s wonder. Sweetness, fruit weight and acidity are in harmony with charming counterpoints from wild yeast and the gentlest oak handling.

This wine begs to be drunk late afternoon – the low alcohol lends itself to a second glass at dusk – a slice of blue cheese – Blue Windsor from NZ or Roquefort from France.

To step out – drink with spicy Thai or Vietnamese food.

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