• Neudorf
    Tom's Block
    Pinot Noir

    Wild Yeast | Unfined | Unfiltered | Vegan

    NZ $33.00
    Supple | Silky | Pure
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    Another step in the evolution of Neudorf Pinot Noir.


    Working with newer clones has changed the shape of material at hand for winemaker Todd Stevens. As these additions to the Pinot vineyards settle down, we see a more fragrant, more supple wine in our glass.


    The nose has hints of wild fruits and brambles. It is supported by elegantly restrained tannins, gently adding depth to the palate but never intruding. We feel this more feminine version is charming but not weak kneed.


    As always Todd maintains that less and more and the wine has the “Neudorfness” we cherish.


    Our Moutere Clays provide an European edge – the fruit is kept in check with an uplifting minerality and vibrancy. A wine which never tires or bores but rather offers a full juicy mouthful with a lingering complex finish. Just as the wine flows to the end of your palate there is a surge of flavour maintaining a satisfying mouthfeel.


    Definitely drinkable but still precisely Pinot.


    Proudly unfined and unfiltered.


    Neudorf Tom's Block Pinot Noir 2016

    "Neudorf tend to stand out of the crowd from Nelson; exacting vision, great vineyard sites, solid winemaking. I do think, increasingly, Nelson is the dark horse for quality pinot noir in New Zealand, however. Lots coming through the ranks. Great zone for aromatic whites increasingly too."

    Mike Bennie

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