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Vintage 2017 Report

No two vintages are the same but 2017 was one that did challenge the boundaries of...

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Concert FAQ

Each year we host two concerts. In October it is the Nelson...

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Three Closure Tales

Winemakers are hounded by opinions on bottles closures. One thing is certain – we have come...

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The Shuffle Demons - Nelson Arts Festival

The Shuffle Demons are a crowd-pleasing, full-on musical group that backs up...

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Fat Freddy's Drop


We're stoked to be welcoming back New Zealand's kings of dub.


Fat Freddy's Drop | 9th January...
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"New World Chardonnay Giving Burgundy a Run For Its Money…"

Neudorf Moutere Chardonnay & Kumeu River Mate's recently did New Zealand proud in London.


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A New Generation

Rosie Finn, 26, is now international marketing and brand director for Neudorf Vineyards.

If you are familiar...

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Best In Show

Two Neudorf Chardonnays in the Top Three and Neudorf Rosie's Block takes the top spot in...

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At Neudorf we follow Wine Folly with interest. Madeline Puckette covers interesting wine topics in an unpretentious manner....

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Guerrilla Wine

Writer, poet, broadcaster and admirable wine person Andrew Jefford writes for Decanter Magazine. In this article he...

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World of Fine Wine

Thrilling stuff for Neudorf and for Nelson – Two local wines (Greenhough and Neudorf) topped the...

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Thorvald Cheese is in Neudorf Road – just a few kilometres from our vineyard. From their...

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Neudorf Moutere Pinot Noir 2014

Elegant and precise. This wine, this vintage under winemaker Todd Stevens shows and ethereal beauty which...

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Vintage 2017 is over and Tim and I are home from Galicia in Northern...

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Dry Farming

Water is a precious resource. Using less or no water is a driver behind most environmentally...

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An ugly word and it drives us wild with contradictions, evolutions and challenges. For us...

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Painting and primping

Our cellar door is closed until September 1st. We’re covered in sawdust and paint dribbles. New...

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Tri-Nations Win

This month we were delighted to represent New Zealand in the Chardonnay taste off at the...

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