“Neudorf Moutere Chardonnay 2014. I love the wine’s impressive power. 100 points”
Bob Campbell MW

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awaroa evening

Happy to be on familiar soil after a wine sortie into China. Shanghai – seahorses on the grill, endless tea, terrific architecture and charming people. But lots of fog/mist/smog. 30 million share the city and their composure under population pressure is impressive. Hangzhou was less rushed and perhaps less modern and I enjoyed it for that. Great night market – just plonk down, order a cold beer and roast goose to watch the locals.

I do appreciate our clear blue skies, the sounds of geese, sheep and tractors. And walking out my kitchen to pick broad beans, rocket, mint, leeks for a salad. Our earth is warming and we’ve planted basil, tomatoes, beans, zucchini and all the summer vegetables including agrias for Christmas Day. The strawberry patch has not released any fruit yet but I can pick up a punnet from Moutere Strawberries down the road.

We celebrate seasonality in Nelson – the greengrocers here don’t see a market for imported luxury vegetables and I’m happy with that.

Some favourite places to share for summer – first up Mapua – a small settlement alongside the Inlet. Enjoy Fish and Chips from the Smokehouse, smoked fish from the Apple Shed, salads at Jellyfish and the brand new taverna in the Leisure Park – run by Daniel Monopoli of the Boatshed Café in Nelson. Push your feet into the sand in the sand, order a glass of wine  (Neudorf Chardonnay ?) and grilled fish.  Damn fine.

Next is Awaroa in Tasman Bay (photo above) You can boat in or fly (not for the fainthearted) and enjoy Awaroa Lodge – they are featuring whitebait from the local creek. We share a wooden bach in the bay and it is an excellent place for a few scallops, some rock oysters, the occasional crayfish and a few cod. And the predicable, inedible and annoying dogfish.

In the winery Todd and Simon are topping barrels of Chardonnay and Pinot. As the wine slowly matures a small amount evaporates through the oak ( the Angel’s share) and can leave an air pocket which needs filling to prevent oxidation. Bottling is getting underway for our first Neudorf Moutere Albarino and the new Neudorf Moutere Riesling DRY

Our cellar door is now open every day from 11 am until 4.00pm. Cameron and Maria enjoy meeting you all and sharing a bit of wine chat. Very soon we will be in Christmas mode which gives everyone a buzz as they send Neudorf wine and your message to friends and colleagues.

When ordering wines please feel free to ring us if the website is proving a challenge (0064 3 5432643)

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