“Neudorf Moutere Chardonnay 2014. I love the wine’s impressive power. 100 points”
Bob Campbell MW

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awaroa evening


Late summer – the last treat before vintage kicks in.

It has been glorious – fishing in Tasman Bay has been more rewarding than usual…snapper is becoming almost predicable. Rosie Finn has returned from London for a month – she’s turning golden in the sun and has spent some under the water, scuba diving and on the water  with Tim, setting the long-line.

We bottled our first cuveé of Neudorf Moutere Albariño. It is brisk, briny with hints of citrus. We have had our first review in – Michael Cooper said  “an exciting debut – excellent vigour and intensity. Finely balanced and full of personality. It is already delicious” FIVE STARS. Not bad for a first attempt. It is now released and available on the website.

In the vineyard we already have the nets on  to convince the wax eyes and blackbirds to look elsewhere for supper.

The team out there are working in heat which regularly passes 30 degrees. It’s not for the fainthearted…all the vineyards are carefully leaf plucked by hand to allow enough, but not too, much sunshine into the bunches.

We are looking at starting vintage in mid March – the backbackers from Sweden, France, Italy and Germany are gathering and our interns arrive in three weeks. Todd Stevens and Simon McGuire are getting the winery sorted and Mike Saunders is awaiting his first vintage as Neudorf viticulturist.


Some favourite places to share for summer – first up Mapua – a small settlement alongside the Inlet. Enjoy Fish and Chips from the Smokehouse, smoked fish from the Apple Shed, salads at Jellyfish and the brand new taverna in the Leisure Park – run by Daniel Monopoli of the Boatshed Café in Nelson. Push your feet into the sand in the sand, order a glass of wine  (Neudorf Chardonnay ?) and grilled fish.  Damn fine.

Next is Awaroa in Tasman Bay (photo above) You can boat in or fly (not for the fainthearted) and enjoy Awaroa Lodge – they are featuring whitebait from the local creek. We share a wooden bach in the bay and it is an excellent place for a few scallops, some rock oysters, the occasional crayfish and a few cod. And the predicable, inedible and annoying dogfish.

Our cellar door is now open every day from 11 am until 5.00pm. This lasts until the end of April when we move to Monday to Friday hours. We are closed for June and July to repaint, relax and repair. Cameron and Maria enjoy meeting you all and sharing a bit of wine chat.


When ordering wines please feel free to ring us if the website is proving a challenge (0064 3 5432643)

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PS Feel free to share zucchini and green bean recipes – it has been an overwhelming crop.


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